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Total Eclipse Sun & Moon Black Sequins Ornament. Celestial, Astrology and Astronomy Gift Idea.


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The Moon has been associated with Magic and mysticism since the very beginning of time, across various cultures and traditions. While the Sun, whose importance is related to logos (the rational) and left-brain functions, the Moon is connected to intuition, change, fluidity, reflection – all that is feminine – and it is related to the element of water.Ancient cultures viewed the dusk-like darkness prompted by the passing of the moon between the Earth and the sun, temporarily blocking the sun’s light, as a sign of the gods’ anger or even their impending departure. In Pagan belief, a solar eclipse is seen as the union of the sun and the moon. Eclipses are times for communing with their gods and goddesses due to heightened energy during such a rare cosmic event.This 2 inch round sequins ornament is a perfect reminder of the energy and rare occurrence of the eclipsed sun. The foam ball is wrapped in hand placed glossy black sequins and glossy slightly iridescent yellow sequins shaped into the ring that appears around the moon. All sequins are hand-placed with teeny tiny glass seed beads and silver [nickel-plated] sequin pins. The top of your ornament has a round clasp for the hanger of your choice. This multi-purpose ornament is Ready-to-Ship + Ready-to-Hang. It would also make a fabulous sparkly ornament exchange or holiday party hostess gift. =======================================SIZE:This is a 2 inch round ornament. From the top of the hanger to the bottom of the bead measures approximately 2.25 inches tall.==============================================================================BONUS GIFT WITH PURCHASE:Comes with a spiral ornament hanger.==============================================================================SHIPPING INFORMATION:Each ornament is carefully packed and boxed for shipment. I do my best to take your new ornament(s) to the Post Office the next business day after you place your order. =======================================


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