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50’s Rock Legend Caricature Pendant


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Step into the world of 1950s nostalgia with our whimsical Caricature Head pendants, specially designed for Elvis and music enthusiasts alike! These quirky pendants feature unique designs inspired by my iconic Entertainment Artist friends, each with distinctive skin tones and eye colors. Unleash your inner King with these charming pendants, each measuring between 1 inch to 1.5 inches. Choose from four delightful options:A. Light Skin and Black Eyes (Chris) B. Light Skin and Dark Blue Eyes (Garry) C. Dark Skin, Sunglasses, and Brown Eyes (Elvis John) D. Deep Skin and Dark Green Eyes (Chad)Wear them as a stylish necklace or use them as ornaments for your holiday tree – simply select your preferred option and let us know in the order notes. Each pendant comes with a Suede or Rope cord, ready to add a touch of 50s flair to your everyday style! Don’t miss out on these fun and unique accessories!If you wish to have a custom Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper chain added to this pendant, please click –> here <– If you would like this on an ornament hanger, please note this when you place your order. *Due to screen variances, colors may not be accurately represented **NOTE** This item in not sealed. To protect the piece, please do not wear while swimming or bathing.


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