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Mini Copper Enamel Bud Vase on Gemstone Base


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Lovely Hygge simplicity. Display your tiny wild garden flower in this petite gemstone-base, copper enameled blossom holder aka bud vase aka miniature tureen. A precious and uniquely beautiful way to display a single small flower stem, including the Hot Lips blossom shown in photos.
The tiny bowl sits upon a polished semi-precious Mookaite Jasper (I think) gemstone base. Flower stem is supported by a copper wire and loop which comes up from the base. The bowl is tiny – it holds only about 1/2 teaspoon of water. The flower’s stem-end sits in the bowl of water and is supported by the copper wire.
Bowl: Hot forged & cold formed copper coated with torch-fired vitreous enamel.Bowl enamel color: Raspberry with swirls of white to match the stone base.Size: Bowl is a tiny 1 inch in diameter by 1/2 inch tall. It holds 1/2 teaspoon of water. It is tiny!Height of the assembled vase is 2-3/4 inches tall from the base to top of copper wire support. Please refer to photos showing size in relation to a dime and quarter. Stone base: Polished semi-precious kite-shaped stone slab, shades of purple and brown with white streaks throughout. Stone base size: 2.5″x2″. It has felt pads applied underneath to protect the surface it sits on.One of a kind.
What’s included: Stone base, enameled copper bowl, copper wire support. Additional props in photos not included.
Vitreous enamel is melted glass. It’s not paint. Please treat this enamel piece as you would any fine art glass.
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