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Luna Moth Stained Glass Plant Propagation Holder


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Introducing the Luna Moth Stained Glass Plant Propagation Holder – a charming blend of art and utility. Shaped like a luna moth, this holder is a visual delight, crafted with vibrant stained glass that mimics the moth’s ethereal beauty.Perfect for any plant lover, this propagation holder is not just a tool but a piece of functional art. Its simple yet elegant design adds a touch of magic to any space. Embrace the beauty of nature and simplicity with this propagation holder, where form meets function in perfect harmony.Each item is made as they’re ordered so colors and patterns in glass will slightly vary, making each piece even more unique.Love the design but prefer a different color? Just send me a message and I would love to create the piece of your dreams.All orders are carefully packaged to ensure it’s safety and to make sure it reaches you in excellent condition. Stained glass artwork is made of glass and is held together with solder that contains lead (with the exception of a few items such as earrings). Always display out of the reach of children and pets and wash hands after handling.Contact me with any questions.


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