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It’s Witchy Swag/Wreath Matching Hat and Shoe


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It’s Witchy Swag/Wreath Matching Hat and Shoe. What self respecting witch would not have matching shoes to go along with her hat?It’s Witchy a Swag/Wreath; this unique creation is based on an actual shoe that has been transformed match her hat, very chic.
Adorned with all kinds of cheerful elegance– rhinestones, ribbons, glitter, and bow –this stylish shoe is an actual shoe redesigned. Display this one-of-a-kind on your front door or a wall in your home. No Proper witch would be caught dead without a matching Hat
The swag/wreath itself measures:Thirty-six inches long;Seventeen inches wide (top of swag)Thirteen inches deep (Witch hat peak)
Any questions, please ask. And check out her companions in my other listings: Skelly out for evening drive, Halloween Wreath, Skelton Wreath, Halloween Witch Hat, Halloween Mummy Swag and Mailbox Bow “Ms. Skelee”.
Thank You for supporting my small business.  Your purchase is helping support a dream, a family and so much more.





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