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Gorgeous Elegant Swag for Front Door Wreath Swag


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Elegant Swag/ Wreath for Front Door, White Wreath Swag, Farmhouse, Lamb’s Ear, Gift, Southern Charm, Wedding, All Season Wreath/Swag• Height: 32 inches• Width: 22 inches• Depth: 9 inchesDescriptionThis lovely swag is white and gorgeous! It would make a beautiful addition to your interior decor as well as a front door stunner. Soft elegance abounds in this classically styled creation that showcases roses, ranunculus, wildflowers, and pussy willows on a bed of lamb’s ear and assorted branches and greenery.
The neutral colors of this chic swag will add a very charming addition to any style home. It would also make a beautiful gift for any occasion. The swag is the perfect size for most doors and walls. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.
Approximate Measurements:
Height: 32 inchesWidth: 22 inchesDepth: 9 inches
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