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Fall and Thanksgiving Seasonal Wreath



One wreath to cover an entire season from Fall through Thanksgiving.  A 13″ grapevine wreath is decorated with fall foliage for this specific holiday. Fall leaves brighten the wreath with colors of orange, yellow, green. red, and gold.
 A bounty of berries, corn, small pumpkins, and sunflowers adorn stacks of leaves. A pumpkin-colored textured fabric bow and a smaller brown and white check bow accent the gold glitter special words and images. A white wood plaque with “Family” in decorative script. This item was designed with the college dorm students, grade school rooms, children’s own personal at home room, and a few other options. We lowered the price on this item so it may be used in the above mention locations without any thought of damage being done, which ensures numerous years use.


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