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Fall and Thanksgiving Holiday Wreath



A grapevine wreath measuring 13″ in diameter is covered with lush foliage. The foliage consists of multi-colored leaves in the colors of yellow, gold, green, red, textured green, and combined orange and yellow. These leaves become the accent and background for all other items which are used to design this wreath. The list of items is large and small pumpkins, two types of apples, corn, pear,  pine cones, squash, and berries.  A cute smiling face of a scarecrow with an orange hat adds another aspect to the finished wreath.  The ribbon is a textured fabric with gold glitter for words and objects. The end product is a ring of wreath handcrafted for this holiday season. Ideal for younger students, classroom teacher, college dorms, party decoration, and so much more.  Take advantage of this marked down price for an item that will last for years.


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